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Murrietta SHS Night Hawk Statue

 Murrietta HS, CA
 Overall Dimensions of Head: 20"H x 20"W x 28"L

Jarvis Christian College Bulldog Statue

Final installation site of my mascot statue for Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, TX.
Beautiful site selection!

Bulldog dimensions: 38' H x 24"W x 39"L

2017 Milledgeville Film Festival Award Creation

 A sampling of some of the winners of the 2017 'Milly' Award
A few of the finished awards in the studio prior to shipping

Cavalier Statue

 Woman not included ...

 This client only had a clip art cavalier head for its logo as well as an additional crossed sword image and wanted me to use those images as the basis for their statue. The statue is approximately 6' 7" high with a full length sword and scabbard on one side and a shorter battle knife on the other.

Meat Head the Bulldog On Nickelodeon's 'Bella and the Bulldogs' Show

Meat Head the Bulldog as seen on the set of Nickelodeon's 'Bella and the Bulldogs'.

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Lost Wax Bronze Life Size Baby Ducks

 Life Size Baby Ducks In A Security Hug

3" H x 7" L x 3.25" W
Limited Edition 1/50
Please see my Etsy Shop for more info.

Viper Mascot Statues

 Here are two new OOAK Viper Mascot statues ...
 They are listed in the 'Snake In The Grass Series #1' which is a viper in strike mode all wrapped up in a leafy vine ...
 and Snake In The Grass Series #2 which is also in a strike mode behind large bent blades of vegetation
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Owl Mascot Statue

 Original Owl Mascot Statue 
Wire, Clay, Glass Eyes and Arcylic
This is an original handmade wildlife creation. Created with empty space in mind. There are forms within forms to emphasize mass. This creation is engraved with my name and year (2014) completed. For home, school, or business placement. Makes a beautiful addition for any owl lover or school/business mascot. 

Dimensions: 11.5" H x 6.0" W x 6.0" D

No molds have been created. Fabrication process involves several days of shaping a wire frame and layering clay to create the final form to which many extra details are added a little at a time to allow for the gradual hardening process of the material. After all sculpting is complete glass eyes are added with detailing and the final painting. All details original. Item is strongly constructed and ready to ship anywhere.

 For more info on this creation please see my Etsy shop.

Fiery ... Hawk/Eagle/Falcon Mascot Statue

 Original Mascot Statue 
Dimensions: 8.25" H x 8" W x 7.5" D
For more info about this creation please see my Etsy shop link.

Blue Valley Howling Timber Wolf Statue

A recently completed Howling Timber Wolf mascot statue. The client wanted the statue to resemble their howling wolf logo as much as possible but still allowing me the license to incorporate whatever details and shapes that I thought would enhance the final form. 
Overall Dimensions: 45.25"H x 24"W x 35" L Including Base Plate

WarDog Installation Completed!
Miami, OK

This Is My House ... Opponents Not Welcomed!!

Recent Bulldog installation outside a brand new stadium in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Sargeant Dawg ... Military Style English Bulldog Mascot Statue

Here is one of my newest custom creations for a high school in South Carolina. The battle helmet is going to be rubbed by the football players as they enter the field. I'll post the installation pics as soon as they are available.  
For more info about this bulldog please see my website at snarlingcrow.com.

MeatHead the Bulldog Part Two

After numerous conversations with interested customers another MeatHead the Bulldog wall mounted mascot is now being offered in Bronze, Semi-Glossy White, and Off-White (as pictured). A rugged steel hanger is the manner of attachment for ease in balancing these unique one of a kind creations. You may visit me at SnarlingCrow Studios for more information about one of these custom pieces. The main difference between this MeatHead and the first one is the larger dimensions and increased weight. This model has a partial spiked collar showing with an exposed growl on one side but more or less details can be added with varying price adjustments.

Yellow Jacket Mascot Figurine

 This fighting mad yellow jacket mascot figurine is ready for battle with any and all comers. Just for extra measure he is also sporting spiked battle gloves. For more info about this mascot please see my Etsy shop.

Viking Mascot Statue ... Desktop Size

 This battle hardened war ready Viking mascot statue is actually a relief sculpted on a 90 degree angle. Dimensions are 8" high x 5.5" wide x 3" deep. Can also be used as a Warrior, Marauder, and Gladiator mascot statue. For more information please see my Etsy Shop.

Customized Viking Head Mascot Statue

This is a recent customized slightly larger than life viking head that I originally sculpted with no base and with a horned helmet. The patina is a cold Tiffany Green application. You can find more information about this mascot head by visiting my Etsy shop.

"GODFATHER" ... Desktop Size Bulldog Mascot Statue

 This is "Godfather" ... a smaller version of my normal bulldog mascot statues now available. Dimensions: 7" H x 5" W x 10" L. These statues can also be customized with sweaters and letters and various colors. Please see my Etsy shop for more info.